What Is The Cost Of Mail Order Brides Or Women For Dating?

 What Is The Cost Of Mail Order Brides Or Women For Dating?

We bet you heard about mail order brides costs. In fact, this is an absolutely unique term. It sounds like a man can open a magazine or browse the web page, choose a girl, pay for her, and that is all – now you are a married man. Okay, considering that the revenue in online dating amounts to almost a billion dollars, it is pretty easy to imagine that this scheme still works. But does it? How much does a mail order bride or girls for dating cost? Let us find out.

Phenomenon of modern brides: ladies for sale or ladies for love?

First of all, we should answer one question. Who are these girls? Simply put, they are women who want to get married to a foreigner and sign up for dating sites to achieve their goal. It should be emphasized that they get no financial reward for communicating or marrying men.

Some may argue: if everything is so innocent, why do some people still stigmatize these women? This can be explained by plenty of reasons, for example, historical events (a few centuries ago, mail order bride cost was not just a figure of speech), bad service and scam stories (you really need to know how to avoid mail order bride scams, though), high prices set by some agencies, etc.

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However, as some studies prove, there is a real human need in a relationship that exists, both among men who sign up to be clients and the women who sign up to be selected as brides. In most cases, personal dramas, desire to live with a better man, hope in the better future are the reasons why these girls, and there is no way to buy mail order brides.

How much do mail order brides or girls for dating cost?

So can you buy a bride? No, you cannot. Is there such a thing as the “cost of a mail order bride?” Yes, it is real. How is this possible? Let us explain.

Mail order bride prices are not the costs of girls – these are the amounts men who want to date & marry them are likely to spend on dating services. Simply put, the average cost of a mail order bride is the average of the highest and the lowest price of such services. The amount you personally are likely to spend depends on lots of things.

Factors that affect the prices:

  1. The company/site/agency/platform you chose – the membership on a cheap site can cost less than $10, and some premium dating agencies charge a few thousand dollars for a few contacts of women. Most male members spend $50-100 per month on communication on mid-range sites.
  2. Your own preferences – a man can send or not send gifts/visit a girl less or more often/keep in touch with her 24/7 or contact her from time to time/live in a 5-star hotel in her country or rent a room in a hostel, etc.
  3. The country you choose – the prices for visiting and living in various regions vary.

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As you can see, there is nothing really mysterious, let alone immoral about these women. This is just business, especially now, when brides are fully legal and protected in the territory of the US. As for the sums men spend, yes, they can be pretty big or just huge, but the price can be very low if you know how to find a bride without spending a fortune.

In general, most men choose mid-range websites with services that are good enough to pay for them. They usually spend about 6 months on such platforms before they meet a future spouse, so, during this period, they spend about $300-600 on membership. As for the total cost that includes trips and gifts, it usually varies from 3 to 8 thousand dollars depending on the above-mentioned factors.