Are Mail Order Brides Or Women For Dating Legal?

 Are Mail Order Brides Or Women For Dating Legal?

Long story short, yes, mail order brides and girls for dating are legal. You can leave now or learn more about foreign brides. Actually, there are plenty of nuances and foreign dating sites that you need to consider if you are going to find a lady from another country. After all, intermarriage rates are steadily climbing. In the United States, the 3% of all newlyweds married to someone of a different race or ethnicity had risen to 17% by 2015. All told, more than 670,000 newlyweds had recently entered into a marriage, and we bet not all of them lived in the USA before it. So, if you want to know in what cases mail order brides are illegal, read the information below carefully.

Where and how can brides marry their foreign husbands?

In most cases, they can do this anywhere they want, we mean, as in the USA, as in a bride’s country. The main difficulty is explained by the wide variety of regions – it is nearly impossible to find the scheme that would work in all of them. Still, if you meet a girl from any other country, you will be able to get married to your girlfriend right there. What do you need to do it? Here is the list of some common steps:

  1. Decide if you want to get married in a church or at a notary (yes, in some countries, both options are available, and both are legal in the US.)
  2. Prepare documents, plenty of them, actually. Usually, these are copies of your and your bride’s IDs, birth certificates, divorce decrees, copies of passports, and yes, all your documents must be translated into official language.
  3. Schedule the wedding.
  4. Notify the Embassy about your marriage if you are going to come back to the US in the near future.

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Of course, mail order brides are legal in their native countries. It is obvious to everyone who knows who mail order brides are. They are women who quest for a spouse from a distant country and use the services of the third party (site, platform or agency) to find a future spouse and get closer to him. In fact, this is a long-distance relationship, which, in turn, is legal in all countries of the world.

Please, note that this is not the one-size-fits-all scheme. This is rather the most common strategy that you will likely use if you decide to get married to a mail order bride in her country. Now, let us move to the US. Is everything this simple, there, too?

International dating: acts, rules and recommendations for getting married to a mail order bride in the US

In general, there are several most important things you need to know about the legal status of mail order brides. If you met each other in person, if your relationship is real, if you did not pay for a bride, and more importantly, if you can prove this, you are likely to have no trouble with the law.

Simply put, if you know your future wife well, and if you do not hurt her, you will need to get a visa (there are certain forms for foreign fiancés to submit) and get married in the USA. That is all. Still, let us take a look at the two most important acts when it comes to this industry.

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What do these Acts have in common? Both are created to protect women. Yes, at first sight, it may seem that IMBRA (The International Broker Regulation Act) is developed to regulate the industry in the US, but this is not exactly true. In fact, it forces the agencies to make their male clients provide domestic or criminal violence histories, and if a man has committed or was charged with a crime, the agency must provide a bride with this information. This is one of the most important goals of this act. Yes, the US wants to know who moves to the country, but it also wants to make sure that everyone who crosses the border is safe.

Particular attention should also be paid to VAWA – another famous Act that was created to protect all women in the territory of the US. It was created to address domestic violence and child abuse, and the best thing is that it protects mail order brides, too.

It may seem obvious, but it is important to understand how huge its impact on the industry was – now, a woman does not have to suffer and stay with the abuser to stay in the country, not to face the necessity to leave without any financial support or for any other reasons. Now they are protected by law, and that is better for both parties, actually. More and more girls sign up to dating sites because they are not afraid to find themselves completely helpless in another country.