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Price One Should Pay for a Mail Order Bride

This of course is a relative and variable factor and the best we can do is provide an average estimation of the costs involved. It is estimated that the average cost of getting a mail order wife could range between 5000 – 30,000 USD. These figures have been arrived at after expansive surveys and are general figures. It depends on the person concerned as to how far he will go to woo his would-be bride.

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Different types of fees involved

Membership expences

These are the fees one need to pay in order to go through the huge database of available brides. Some websites charge on a monthly basis, others might offer a package.

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Travel and VISA charges

Depending on where your prospective bride is based, VISA charges as well as airfare, accommodation and taxis will add up to your expenses.

Guide fees

Since most of these women are looking for alliances outside of their country, it is quite possible that language might be a barrier. In that case, the services of a guide might be in order.

Relocation costs

Since she is going to be coming in from a culture that is completely different from yours, she will need some support with setting up a house, getting a new wardrobe, and possibly getting help in learning your language. All of this will cost you a certain amount of money.

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Some statistics related to mail order brides

Here are the results of some studies regarding this industry:

  • There is a shortage of men in marriage-oriented Russia with 8 men for every 10 women, hence forcing women to move out and look elsewhere.
  • Marriage to a mail order wife results in lower divorce rates with 80% of these marriages lasting long.
  • Every year almost 15,000 new people are added to the US in the form of brides.
  • Statistics show that 67% of these women integrate successfully into their new lives.
  • These marriages are more likely to have a lower divorce percentage of 35.8 to 41.3 as compared to normal marriages.
  • About 34% of single men in the US favor a foreign woman in marriage.
  • There is a considerable age difference between partners in many of these alliances.

Common misconceptions about mail order bride

Popular perception leads people to associate anything by mail order as a purchase or a deal made with money. It is to be clearly noted that a wife gotten in this manner is not a deed or a sale document but is a person looking for a lasting relationship built upon the search for love. These women are NOT for sale at any cost. There is still a lot of stigma attached to this industry. Hopefully with time and with real people sharing their experiences, this stigma will abate.

In summation

The only thing that matters finally is the human being behind all the glamour and gorgeous looks. Only with sustained interaction can one find out the real person and it promises to be a happy union for both.

Last Updated: March 2019

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