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If ever in doubt as to who is a mail order bride and what a relationship with her entails or what to expect going into this kind of a venture, let our website be your guide towards your life mate goals.

What does it mean to be a mail order bride?

A woman who has enlisted herself on a website with the express purpose of getting her choice of husband is the definition of a mail order bride. She has put up a lot of details about herself on the website. By this we mean it is like the ‘Personals’ pages. She has thus chosen to share her every details, her photos, her contact number and mail ID, even her vital statistics out there on the public platform. Along with these details are her hobbies, interests, outlook, her choices and preferences. Most of the time, these women are looking for a husband from a different country, since they are interested in relocating to other places other than their native country.

Mail Order Brides

What kind of women are mail order brides and why are they popular

There are actually no rules for what kind of women fit into the category. They come in all imaginable sizes, shapes and ages. They are not products that can be grouped or branded into certain categories. Of course they can be chosen country-wise. Some countries lead others as far as where these women come from.

Russia leads the pack followed closely by Ukraine and Thailand.

But as humans, they are as diverse from each other as we all are. Men from western countries are mostly what these women are looking for, as are the men themselves.

The men believe and probably rightly so, that women from these countries bring a certain degree of homeliness due to their cultures which are a bit removed from women in western countries. Women in western countries are deemed suitable for dating and getting into casual relationships with but when it comes to settling down, it is generally assumed that mail order brides are more suited to ‘building a home’ as opposed to pursuing a career. They are generally thought to be more respectful towards family and the elders in the family owing to the cultures they are from. This is one of the main reasons western men are increasingly turning towards mail order brides.

How does one go about finding a mail order bride

The following are some of the ways.

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Search on websites

This can be done with the help of any number of search engines and bring up the most popular websites depending on what you are searching for.

Register oneself with the website

A free registration can be done with most of these websites by providing a certain amount of basic information about oneself.

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Check out the safety and security factors

Before you begin sharing your personal information on the website, make sure to go through the safety features that they promise to provide since you would be sharing not only your personal details but also perform financial transactions on the website.

Pay a monthly membership charge

These charges vary from site to site depending on a number of factors like how secure they are to how extensive their database of would-be brides is. The price to be paid can be anywhere from 80-650 USD.

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Specify your search

If you are clear in your mind as to what you are looking for, it is easier to search through the huge number of listed women on the website and zero in on one. All you need to do is specify some facts, like age, social status, languages known, etc.

Begin interaction

Once you have short-listed a few of these beautiful women who are registered on the site after going through the information that is available on them and the ones you feel are closest to your choice, you may then choose to initiate a conversation and personal interaction with them. This can be through chats and emails that are provided on the website.

Mail Order Bride

Get to know them better

It is advisable to interact with them on the online platform in order to know them more before one goes out to meet them face to face.

Review of best rated websites

Let us now take a look at some popular websites for mail order brides.

Match Truly (visit)

match truly

This website is very easy to navigate. It comes in well-defined sections and one can find a very wide range of choices. The site also takes very seriously the issue of safety and security on this website. It promises to keep your personal information and your financial transactions safe from scammers. You can also be sure of encrypted operations to this end. Needless to say, many of the members have been able to seal off a great match. The site also comes with 24/7 backup and support. Overall, it’s a very responsive and technically sound website. Do try it out.

Latin Feels (visit)

latin feels

The essence of this website is that it provides a database of Latina women for western men. One finds girls from Argentina, Panama, Colombia and Brazil. Any newcomer can browse the database for free. They too provide 24/7 customer support. Whoever wishes to search deeper has to pay a membership free. This is a good site for specific Latina search.

Asia Charm (visit)


asia charm

As is apparent from the name, this website deals extensively with women of Chinese origin. There are also Asian women on this site. Each of them comes with detailed profiles helping with searching. Registration is free and there is assured scam protection on this site. To communicate directly with the person of your choice, you need to pay depending upon the site guidelines. This is a very helpful site for Asian women search.

Price One Should Pay for a Mail Order Bride

This of course is a relative and variable factor and the best we can do is provide an average estimation of the costs involved. It is estimated that the average cost of getting a mail order wife could range between 5000 – 30,000 USD. These figures have been arrived at after expansive surveys and are general figures. It depends on the person concerned as to how far he will go to woo his would-be bride.

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Different types of fees involved

Membership expences

These are the fees one need to pay in order to go through the huge database of available brides. Some websites charge on a monthly basis, others might offer a package.

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Travel and VISA charges

Depending on where your prospective bride is based, VISA charges as well as airfare, accommodation and taxis will add up to your expenses.

Guide fees

Since most of these women are looking for alliances outside of their country, it is quite possible that language might be a barrier. In that case, the services of a guide might be in order.

Relocation costs

Since she is going to be coming in from a culture that is completely different from yours, she will need some support with setting up a house, getting a new wardrobe, and possibly getting help in learning your language. All of this will cost you a certain amount of money.

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Some statistics related to mail order brides

Here are the results of some studies regarding this industry:

  • There is a shortage of men in marriage-oriented Russia with 8 men for every 10 women, hence forcing women to move out and look elsewhere.
  • Marriage to a mail order wife results in lower divorce rates with 80% of these marriages lasting long.
  • Every year almost 15,000 new people are added to the US in the form of brides.
  • Statistics show that 67% of these women integrate successfully into their new lives.
  • These marriages are more likely to have a lower divorce percentage of 35.8 to 41.3 as compared to normal marriages.
  • About 34% of single men in the US favor a foreign woman in marriage.
  • There is a considerable age difference between partners in many of these alliances.

Common misconceptions about mail order bride

Popular perception leads people to associate anything by mail order as a purchase or a deal made with money. It is to be clearly noted that a wife gotten in this manner is not a deed or a sale document but is a person looking for a lasting relationship built upon the search for love. These women are NOT for sale at any cost. There is still a lot of stigma attached to this industry. Hopefully with time and with real people sharing their experiences, this stigma will abate.

In summation

The only thing that matters finally is the human being behind all the glamour and gorgeous looks. Only with sustained interaction can one find out the real person and it promises to be a happy union for both.
You are well on your way towards beginning a wonderful new life with the help of these guidelines. Remember these pointers and find your special someone.

Last Updated: December 2019

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