Age Difference In International Dating

 Age Difference In International Dating

The age difference is usually seen as a normal social phenomenon. Moreover, most people note that men prefer to marry younger women because it is only logical to get married to someone who can give birth to more children. Women, in turn, get married to older and therefore more successful men because they can provide for all those children they both can hypothetically have. But what if we say that the research done in 1998 proves that differences between mating preferences and choices are inconsistent with the idea of sex-linked reproductive strategies?

Simply put, this is nothing to do with children. Yes, the world has changed a lot since 1998. Now, after 22 years, we know that the age gap is not about reproduction. Today, this is one of the things on the list. But do marriages with big age gap still work? What is the average age difference in couples? Find the answers below.

Foreign brides & Western men – What is the average age difference in couples

If the reproduction does not have any impact on people’s preferences, what influences the so-called dating age difference? Plenty of factors, actually, and most of them explain what mail order brides are and why marriage with a foreign is their goal. No, it is not only about money – it is not this simple. But let us focus on the figures. Currently, the average age difference in marriage is a bit more than 2 years when it comes to couples with a husband older than a wife. The difference is not too big, right?

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However, it is bigger when it comes to couples who met each other on mail order bride platforms. Western husbands, for example, are usually 10-12 years older than brides who come from Asia. According to the results of studies done in 2017, the age gap between ladies coming from Latin America/Caribbean and foreign husbands is a bit more than 6 years. This gap is smaller than the age gap between American men and Asian/Slavic brides. Take a look at the figures that illustrate the latest trends in this business.

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Though the average age difference of married couples who met each other on mail order bride sites is usually bigger, it does not mean that men just buy mail order brides, get much younger women and then divorce. There are some quite interesting research results that show that the situation is more complex.

Is age gap important in marriage or dating?

It seems that the mail order bride statistics, age difference in couples statistics or any other figures will help us understand whether we make the right or wrong decision. We believe in numbers, but we do not recommend you to fully rely on them. Why? Because even studies and researches cannot give us a single unambiguous answer to the questions we ask when trying to understand if building a relationship with someone makes sense.

In fact, the results of various researches are often conflicting with each other. Particularly, some of them show that the bigger the difference is, the more problems a couple has. Other ones, however, prove that the so-called age difference couples are happier because spouses are less jealous and tend to trust each other more than the couples of the same age.

What does it mean? Well, age gaps just do not determine happiness or its absence. Balance or imbalance, love or absence of love, and other things that make us happy or unhappy depending on plenty of factors, the most important of which are as follows:

  • Similar values and beliefs
  • Commitment
  • Communication, connection between spouses
  • Mutual trust, respect, and support
  • Personality traits
  • Ability to compromise
  • World view

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As you can see, the number of things that influence how good a relationship of spouses is is pretty big. Age is definitely not the most significant of them. Yes, there is a bigger chance that spouses of different generations will have different values, but it is not always the case. There is a big chance that they will have similar priorities, views and personality traits, though.

Final thoughts

So, what is the acceptable age gap between man and woman for marriage or dating? It is up to you. The age difference is considered to be normal, and there is no denying that the gap is usually larger when it comes to international marriages. However, people should remember that it does not determine happiness. It depends on other factors, which are the ability to compromise, mutual trust, a connection between a husband and wife, etc.

Yes, there are the statistics. Yes, it shows that the most convenient way to find a wife is joining the dating site. Yes, most men who join them looking for a younger wife, and women are looking for older men. All these things are still less significant than your strategy and the choice you make. If you choose this path, try to find a woman who really matches you, and this will help you build a happy relationship, no matter if your bride is younger, older or the same age.