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They are some of the most fascinating and charming women you will ever see. They drive crazy thousands of men who observe these ladies for the first time (or even 15th), they attract by their sincere laughing, they allure by their simplicity. Yes, Colombian ladies are well-known in the dating world. They make excellent girlfriends, wives, and life companions, and with good reason. But what about their national traits, dating expectations, or even cultural gaps? This article will cover all these important aspects in detail and tell you whom you can meet in Colombia.

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Beauty of Colombian ladies that will not leave you indifferent

Colombia seems to be one of the epicenters of attractive women with rich dark hair, slightly tanned skin, voluptuous shapes, and amazing smiles. As Colombia is historically a mix of Europeans, Amerindians, and Africans, with considerable crossover, there are a lot of people of different skin colors and origins. And the most beautiful ladies are usually “mezclas” or mixed. That defines their facial and body features as well as gives them such an exotic charm.

Talking of Colombian ladies’ peculiarities, one of the most eye-catching ones is a long straight, healthy hair. No matter what is the age of the woman, she will do her best to dress nicely, grow her hair, and look confident.

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Perfect bodies & exquisite presentation of Colombian girls for marriage

Colombian brides know how to present themselves, and they are aware of their value, too. Depending on the region, ladies don’t hesitate to wear revealing outfits. But given the warm weather in some coastal parts of Colombia, it looks pretty natural and not vulgar. Most ladies choose flower-printed colorful dresses instead of regular pants and prefer heels to comfortable shoes. In other cities like Bogota, the dress code is more restrained, but always highlighting their good physical assets (Colombian ladies hate baggy clothes). Even if general looks are still present, most ladies dress to impress. Therefore, be ready — once a Colombian girl appears in your sight, it isn’t easy to take your eyes off.

As for the first impression, you will recognize a local lady by her feminine and light through a confident walk and great posture. Even if she is going for groceries, she will still not forget about a little makeup and a simple yet attractive outfit.

Competition of looks and appearances

Here, in Colombia, women are known to be quite competitive when it comes to their men. Ladies are grown in the macho culture where girls often need to fight for attention and win their date’s affection. Thus, lots of Colombian mail order brides have opted for plastic surgery, which is extremely popular here. Ladies do not hesitate to correct some facial features as well as improve their bodies.

Healthy routine and love to exercising of Colombian ladies

Traditional Colombian food is low in fat, sodium, and processed foods. Ladies tend to eat more fruits, not so much fried food, and drink less soda. A lot of Colombian wives are also very health conscious. There are fewer smokers, and most women drink little and only in a good company. And, of course, local women like sports: jogging, yoga, fitness, and other sports activities that really contribute to their great shapes.

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Traits of Colombian wives that will make you choose a local hottie

Latin American brides are undeniably popular among single US men looking for love, but Colombian women are incredibly in-demand even by those standards. Colombian mail order brides attract American men with their combination of outstanding looks, passionate character, and absolute readiness to start a big and happy family. The easiest way for American men to marry Colombian brides is to bring them into the country on K-1 visas as their fiancées. There were 1,014 K-1 visa recipients among Colombian mail order brides in 2019. In 2010, that number was actually higher, as 1,314 Colombian brides entered the US on K-1 visas. However, the decline is likely the result of the immigration policies being restricted, not the diminishing popularity of Colombian brides.

Ladies from Colombia are unique in many spectra. Not only do they prove their status as hot and highly attractive women, but they also surprise by their personal traits and golden personalities. What exactly makes these chicks so great and nice?

Extreme vivacity and love to life

Whether you are looking for an adventurous and highly energetic woman or simply a smiley, amiable, and easy-going date, a Colombian mail order bride will be a perfect option. She is very positive, with an optimistic mindset and love for fun. This girl is a great life partner, a person who creates holidays and the atmosphere of happiness even during the most difficult moments. In addition, Colombian brides, despite being quite emotional, are not such drama queens as other Latin ladies. So whenever you need support or advice, expect your Colombian wife to be much more cool-headed and helpful than you would expect.

As a bonus, a typical local girl is not so shy as most brides you have met before, and she is really welcoming. It’s the country where you can easily approach a lady during the day, have a nice talk, arrange a date, and it will work out.

Family values

In Colombia, family ties are extremely close and keep being like that even when children are adults with their own families. Families are usually big, and relatives play a much important role than it could be in the West. When meeting her “family,” expect to have an aguardiente with her uncle, small talk with her siblings, and even an offer to show your dance skills to all her relatives.

Having such a strong connection with a family, a typical Colombian wife yearns to create the same atmosphere in her family, so it’s full of love, understanding, and respect. Besides, Colombian women for marriage are really loving and nurturing mothers. Sometimes they can be a little too emotional but always devoted and highly interested in giving a bright future to all their youngsters.

Conservative approach to dating

Despite the friendly approach of Colombian hotties, most of them are still quite traditional when it comes to dating. First, Colombian culture was mostly built around the Catholic Church and its ideas. That’s why lots of ladies follow its rules when dating. What does it mean? You may not always get a goodnight kiss after the first date, and the third date rule doesn’t have such a power in Colombia too.

At the same time, when talking about tradition, expect your Colombian mail order bride to be really feminine and tender. But your roles should be followed too. So, keep in mind: she assumes you pay and woo her, not the opposite.

Compassion and sensitivity as defining features of Colombian wives

Colombian mail order brides are sensitive — no one will argue with that. They attract all people around by their natural ability to perceive the world and express their outlook in this passionate and emotional way. That’s why if you are tired of emotionally dead, stuck up, or apathetic ladies who always want something from you in exchange — Colombia is the best place to forget about such women.

However, yes, local ladies may have such expectations. But even so, they never demand or wait for only you to give. They know how to care, love, help, and sympathize without interest. Most of them were brought up in simple families and surrounded by middle or low-class people. They know how difficult life may sometimes be, and therefore, they are always ready to help and show their great empathy.

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Kinds of Colombian women you can encounter

Colombia is a country where social classes (or estratos) define a person’s lifestyle, behavior, environment, and personality. With a big part of Colombians, which constitutes the developing middle class, there are still many poor people and only a few rich representatives. When looking for a Colombian girl for marriage, pay attention to her social class, education, and family. Women from wealthy families usually get a great education that encourages them to choose a career path. Ladies from other families may be much more family-oriented, but not so sophisticated and intelligent tho.

The most common type of Colombian mail order brides you’ll meet online are young women who have never been married and don’t have kids but can’t wait to do it. Still, around 25% of Colombian brides already have children from a previous relationship or marriage. Those children come to live with them in their new home country, so while you are most likely to marry a Colombian bride with no kids, you should also be ready for the fact that your family can instantly get bigger than you expected.

Whom you may want to avoid is a barrio girl. She is usually sweet and seducing but has nothing to be proud of. Education, work, some dreams or ambitions, and life achievements are not the right words to describe barrio girls. Also, some of them may have a few boyfriends simultaneously, which can lead to some problems and misunderstandings. So being careful when choosing a Colombian lady is essential (especially if you are looking for serious relationships).

Dating rules with Colombian mail order brides

In Colombia, you generally can behave pretty normal to what you are used to in your country. However, some knowledge and skills will only help. For example, every Latin country has its own rules about day and night games. Meeting during the day is quite easy here. You can approach a beautiful Colombian bride in the park, on the beach, in the mall, or in a cafe. Looking for a companion during the night may be more complicated. Most clubs are overcrowded with beauties, but they all hang out in huge groups, usually consisting only of women.

What works perfectly in Colombia is online dating websites. Many mail order brides are looking for their love there, and the majority of them dream of meeting a gringo (it’s what they call white men). Indeed, Western men are popular, respected, and desired here, and no Colombian lady will miss an opportunity to meet one. But how to impress a Colombian woman for marriage?

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How to win over Colombian brides?

Colombian dating culture is a macho one, which means that men chase ladies and try to deserve their attention. In their turn, local women are not the ones to play hard to get. They will usually smile at you, keep on watching until you approach them, or simply reply to your gestures. They will even easily agree on the date and sometimes call you their “novios” after a few dates. However, what is difficult is to make it last. Some Colombian women for marriage can be quite flaky and randomly disappear even if anything seemed to be good. The only way to avoid such a course of events is to stand out and become the one she will never want to leave. So, how to do that?

  • Dress appropriately. No flip-flops or traveling pants are accepted. Nice perfumes, stylish linen shirts, and neat look are encouraged.
  • Avoid cheesy Spanish phrases. Yes, calling her “Mamacita” is frowned upon.
  • Try some dancing moves. If she offers, you can’t refuse that. Otherwise, she will think you are too boring. Even if you don’t belong to a dance floor, your Colombian date will be glad to teach you some moves.
  • Express your affection. Don’t be an iceberg, flirt a little, hug her, gently touch her leg, or give her an interested glance. Colombian brides adore confident men who are not afraid of showing their emotions. After all, no one likes to play games too long, right?


So, if you want to find an easy-going and always cheerful companion in life, a Colombian woman will hit the spot. This South American lady is a perfect example of how to love, flirt, stay desired and mysterious, but always open to new things and exciting feelings. In addition, Colombian brides continue to rank as some of the most attractive and passionate women in the world, so with a lady from this country, you will never get bored!