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Whether you are a newcomer or not, you should have heard of charming Filipina women for marriage. Having a strong Asian background and eastern values, these girls tend to stand out among other ladies from that region and be of high interest to thousands of men around the globe. However, not all singles are actually capable of winning over local brides. Sometimes it’s just a matter of the language barrier. However, more often, it’s the absence of basic cultural knowledge that becomes the biggest challenge for Western men. So, what should you know about alluring Filipina mail order brides? And what are the unique features that make them so sought after in the whole world?

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Unique cultural traits of Filipino ladies

If you have ever met any Filipino women or even looked at them online, it’s probably not going to surprise you that Filipino mail order brides are the most popular variety of foreign brides who come to live in the United States. In 2019 alone, 7,134 Filipino mail order brides legally moved to the US on K-1 visas as fiancées to American guys. There were only 6,024 Filipino brides with the same visas in 2010, which means there is a significant growth in the popularity of Filipino mail order brides among American men. And given how beautiful, loyal, and humble Filipino women are, their popularity is completely natural.

Filipina brides are trendy on the international dating scene. Some men find them really attractive physically and unique as personalities in general. Others are fascinated by their ability to care and love. Whether it’s their cultural charm or a mix of social and personal, Filipina women can boast of having great characters, and that’s what they are like.

Generosity and care

Filipino mail order brides are always warm and friendly to close people, friends, some acquaintances, and even strangers. When it comes to the family or relatives, most Filipino people follow the rule of “Utang na loob”. It’s a national trait, which means a “debt of gratitude.” That’s why most Filipino ladies will take care of their elderly parents even after marrying and moving out just out of gratitude and desire to give back.

Loyalty and serious intentions

A typical Filipino mail order bride is quite modern and doesn’t blindly follow traditional dating rules. However, fortunately, loyalty is still a sacred thing in the local culture. Filipino mail order brides look for their husbands carefully and with great responsibility. The Philippines is the only country in the world where divorce is illegal. That’s why ladies tend to wait and see instead of getting married too fast. Simultaneously, once they walked down the aisle and took the vows, Filipino wives will love for richer and poorer.

Her connection to a family

A typical Filipina girl for marriage takes pride in her family. She lives with her parents till her own marriage, supports them physically and by money, keeps in touch with them, and respects their opinions. Some Filipina brides even decide to settle down in the same town or village to be not too far from their families. Usually, the parents and siblings are the core family unit; however, bonds are often tight-knit among extended family members.

beautiful filipino girl

The art of cooking

Filipino people like food items. In fact, if you are happy to date a local woman and visit her country soon, you will probably discover that there is a sumptuous treat whenever there are any holidays, events, or the smallest occasions. And when Filipino wives cook, it seems like the whole neighborhood can come, and still, there will be something for a dessert.

A Filipino breakfast is a special topic to discuss. It’s a really fulfilling and satisfying meal with such various dishes as corn beef, tocino, beef tapa, small bread rolls, garlic fried rice, or chocolate rice porridge. However, despite the love of home-made meals, your date may offer you to try some food from Jollibee or Filipino street food at some point in your relationship. Accept the offer and enjoy it!

As for the culture of eating, Filipino mail order brides usually follow some rules. One of them is the tradition of inviting any person passing by for a meal. In this case, “Kain po tayo” means much more than just sharing food, but opening to an invited person, letting him or her to join the family and become one of them for a time of a meal.

Selfless attitude to other people

Filipino wives are also really kind and helpful. In the country, where one of the fundamental ideas is presented by The Bayanihan or the custom to help each other, you will expect no less. The peculiarity of Filipino readiness to help lays in the principle of not expecting something in return. So, when local people help you, it has something to do with their kind hearts and care, and not material interests.

Politeness and good manners

Politeness lies at the core of the Filipino culture. Your Filipino woman for marriage will be really respectful, not too emotional, but polite and calm. From their first years, Filipino people are already taught how to be respectful by using simple words — po and opo, which help to address older people correctly. Local women also pay special attention to a “Mano or pagmamano” or an “honoring gesture” performed as a sign of respect to elders.

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Filipino mail order brides: crossover of traditional and modern

The Philippines is an Asian country with lots of Western characteristics that will probably surprise you. While local traditions are deeply ingrained in the culture and still present in all aspects of life, most modern people don’t frown at new changes. Dating life isn’t an exception too.

Most Filipino mail order spouses have never been married, don’t have children, and are searching for their first and only husband. However, not all Filipino brides are equally free of any baggage. Some of them have been married before and have one or more children from previous relationships. Statistically speaking, around 20% of Filipino mail order brides already have children who come to live with them and their new husbands permanently in the United States, and that number has actually grown from the previous decade.

So, let’s have a closer look at factors that still impact dating life in the Philippines and new changes that make it easier to woo your beloved one.

Impact of religion

The Philippines is a deeply Catholic country with about 92% of practicing people who visit a church every Sunday, celebrate religious holidays, and put religion first. When walking into the house of your Filipino date, don’t be surprised to see a lot of images of crosses. Also, keep in mind that Christmas is a local favorite holiday, and the first signs of this celebration may start even at the end of September. So, given all these facts, be ready that religion will influence your Filipina wife. Thus, no premarital physical relationship is accepted, and suggesting breaking this rule can be quite a red flag for a local lady.

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Cultural rituals

Filipino culture is really famous for its courting traditions. Back in the past, all dating processes would follow the same rules and customs. For example, some of them would include such steps:

  • From the beginning and till the end, a woman is shy and secretive, while a man has to take all action steps.
  • There should be a clear conversation about the feelings of both people, which will lead to the official start of dating.
  • A man should show his love through different actions like sending love letters, singing songs, reciting poems, or presenting gifts.
  • The first dates are usually accompanied by a chaperone or a friend of the girl.
  • Usually, all other dates would be held in the woman’s house with her parents being present.

Evolution of courtship

It’s evident that modern dating is much more simplified, and you should not be scared by a potential chaperone or spending all the time in your date’s house with her parents. Most Filipina mail order brides gladly give up some old traditions. However, when it comes to leading and initiating, men are still supposed to take the first step, be confident, and articulate their genuine intentions.

With the development of new technologies, a lot of single Filipina girls for marriage venture out in the online dating world. Dating apps, platforms, and agencies become an easy and simple way to find their significant others (especially when it comes to international dating). And online dating practice is widespread and gaining popularity among young Filipino brides as well as a little more mature ones.

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How to impress a Filipino mail order bride?

So, how to get these great Asian ladies? Indeed, impressing a Filipino girl for marriage may be quite a daunting task. However, these essential rules will help you not only to make the first great impression but also to make it lasting and develop your relationship.

  • Try to be as straightforward and easy-going as possible. Filipina brides are quite simple and down-to-earth and expect their significant others to have the same virtues, behave without the complexity, and be honest.
  • Invite your date to a karaoke bar. Filipina Brides love to sing. Since karaoke has become a prevalent pastime in their culture, most ladies enjoy this activity. It’s also a nice way to become closer, break the ice, and get to know each other through funny situations and moments.
  • Show the highest level of respect to her family. Keep in mind that if things between you go serious, you will need to get her parents’ blessing. Therefore, their love means your date’s affection.
  • When you meet her family, bring some presents. They may be small and symbolic but have to show your time and effort put in their choice. Even if you were already introduced to them, but you plan to revisit her parents, don’t forget that Pasalubong (or a souvenir that you would give as a gift to someone when you get back home) is a must.
  • Never refuse an offer for a meal. An invitation to join Filipinos during their dinner is a deeply warm and emotional gesture that connects hosts and an invited person. Even if you are not hungry, get a small portion, try, and don’t forget to compliment your Filipina wife (or her mom).
  • After all, be generous. On a date, it’s a man who pays. Even if she offers to go halves, she still expects you to deny her offer. When you take her family for dinner, there will be no quarrel over splitting a bill too. Everyone will assume that you pay.

Final thoughts about Filipino brides

To sum it up, Filipino ladies are some of the most fascinating and lovely ladies you can ever meet. With their unwavering loyalty, ability to love with their whole hearts, wise perception of life, they attract, charm, make perfect girlfriends and excellent wives. As a great bonus, once you meet a Filipino bride, you start to understand that perfect women exist, and one of their origins is a sunny and welcoming country in South Asia.