Hot And Sexy Japanese Women And Girls: Our Personal Top 10

For those who love delicate Asian beauty, there is no better type of creatures to admire than sexy Japanese ladies. There is no shortage of them on Instagram, so we picked 10 hot Japanese women to follow right now and get constant insight into Japanese beauty and charm.


  • Instagram username: @riregram
  • Number of followers: 1 million
  • Occupation: Model
  • Birthdate: July 7
  • Location: Tokyo, Japan

Riregram, who does not disclose her real name to her 1 million Instagram followers, is one of the best examples among other sexy Japanese girls who were propelled to stardom by social media. Riregram started off as an Instagram blogger, and now she has successful accounts on every social media you can imagine, including OnlyFans.

Her Instagram profile is a lovely mix of professional studio photos, vacation pics, photos of her food, and adorable hangouts with her friends. There is always something new to look forward to from Riregram, and that’s why people love her so much.


  • Instagram username: @boooo1114
  • Number of followers: 53k
  • Occupation: Model
  • Birthdate: Unknown
  • Location: Tokyo, Japan

If you want to get a more modern take on traditional Japanese beauty, here is one of the hot Japanese girls who will transform your whole idea about gorgeous Japanese women. It’s clear that Nanami’s look was heavily influenced by Western Instagram models, but she also retained her unique look.

Nanami loves posing for pictures in her designer outfits and swimsuits, spending time with friends, shopping, eating out, and documenting it all for her Instagram followers. She runs her page in a combination of Japanese and English, so you’ll have no problem understanding her.

Mina Shirakawa

  • Instagram username: @mina_shirakawa
  • Number of followers: 126k
  • Occupation: Model and wrestler
  • Birthdate: December 26, 1987
  • Location: Tokyo, Japan

Most of us are used to sexy Japanese women being very dainty and utterly feminine, which is why seeing Mina Shirakawa, a Japanese model and professional wrestler, for the first time is so surprising. Mina has an athletic physique and an impressive career in sports, and that’s exactly what makes her stand out.

However, Mina doesn’t just rely on her athletic accomplishments to keep her fanbase entertained. She often posts fun TikTok videos, pictures of her food and travel, and lots of bikini pics just to please her 126k followers.

Ami Patton

  • Instagram username: @amyypatton
  • Number of followers: 93k
  • Occupation: Model, TikToker
  • Birthdate: April 24
  • Location Kyoto, Japan

Ami Patton is certainly alike these hot Japanese women, but this Instagram model actually has a complex genetic heritage with Irish, German, and Italian predecessors. Together with her Japanese genes, they create a unique combination that you will love to see on your Instagram feed every day.

In addition to a gorgeous appearance and an obvious love for swimsuit photoshoots, Ami also has a vibrant and alluring personality. She enjoys traveling the world, getting new foodie experiences seeing her friends, trying new products, getting involved with viral challenges, and showing it off to her 93k followers.

Mana Amanda

  • Instagram username: @mana.amanda
  • Number of followers: 64k
  • Occupation: Athlete and fitness influencer
  • Birthdate: Unknown
  • Location: Tokyo, Japan

Mana Amanda is another example of hot Japanese girls who don’t really fit into the traditional idea of Japanese beauty but is actually more attractive than many of her peers. Before she made it big on Instagram, Mana already was an accomplished athlete and fitness instructor, which helped her quickly gain a following of admirers.

When Mana doesn’t post fitness tutorials, show off her personal gym, or demonstrate her gorgeous physique in skimpy swimsuits or athleisure outfits, she inspires others to go on a fitness journey with her. So while you will surely admire Mana’s athletic beauty, you may also get closer to your own dream body.

Arisu Tachibana

  • Instagram username: @__arisu1122__
  • Number of followers: 86k
  • Occupation: Model, traveler
  • Birthdate: Unknown
  • Location: Tokyo, Japan

Arisu Tachibana is an Instagram model who seems to live her best life. She resides in Tokyo but loves visiting other countries on her own or with friends. Every week, she’s off to a new location and she loves documenting her travels for her followers. Arisu also loves good food, fashion, beauty, and her dog.

If you’ve always wanted to see the beauty of Japan and the rest of the world through the eyes of Japanese hot ladies, Arisu Tachibana is the exact right person to follow. She doesn’t just show off her gorgeous face and body, but also uses her Instagram to get closer to her 86k followers.

Sayaka Nitori

  • Instagram username: @uw.sayaka
  • Number of followers: 993k
  • Occupation: Model and influencer
  • Birthdate: September 28, 1993
  • Location: Fukuoka, Japan

Sayaka Nitori is very popular in Japan, but she gained an almost cult following around the world. She looks like the most flawless idea of Japanese beauty to ever come to life, and that is exactly why her 993k followers love her.

Sayaka’s Instagram looks very personable. There are very few professional photos and the majority of her content is her selfies and photos taken by herself, but that’s only what makes her Instagram presence so special. Sayaka Nitori wants her followers to know the real her, and we find that endearing.

T. Yurikuma

  • Instagram username: @t.yurikuma
  • Number of followers: 206k
  • Occupation: Model
  • Birthdate: 1995
  • Location: Tokyo, Japan

T. Yurikuma, who doesn’t share her full name on Instagram, is a successful Japanese model. She divides her time between Osaka and Tokyo, but she also makes time for traveling around the world and Japan. She loves sharing her experiences on Instagram, and that, along with her beautiful face and killer body, allowed her to gain a big following.

Even a single glance at this stunning Japanese girl reveals that she doesn’t look like your typical Japanese model. She has light brown hair cut into a bob and her features are much more Westernized than we are used to seeing from sexy Japanese girls on Instagram. This is exactly what makes T. Yurikuma effortlessly stand out.

Fumina Suzuki

  • Instagram username: @fuminasuzuki
  • Number of followers: 392k
  • Occupation: Model and actress
  • Birthdate: July 5, 1990
  • Location: Tokyo, Japan

Fumina Suzuki is a hot Japanese baby who looks like the most gorgeous Instagram model but actually has a number of significant accomplishments under her belt. Fumina is a world-class model and a winner of several prestigious pageants. Lately, she also added acting to her portfolio, so you could say she’s a triple threat: beauty, talent, and charisma.

This combination of personality and appearance features, along with Fumina’s love for sultry clothing and sexy photoshoots, is what made her one of the biggest Instagram celebrities in Japan. She enjoys her popularity and often treats her fans to special photoshoots.

Takeda Shizuka

  • Instagram username: @takedashizuka0517
  • Number of followers: 330k
  • Occupation: Model and yoga instructor
  • Birthdate: Unknown
  • Location: Tokyo, Japan

Takeda Shizuka is probably one of the prettiest Japanese models you’ve ever seen, but she actually has a lot on her plate. In addition to running her Instagram for her 330k followers and regularly communicating with her fans, Takeda also works as a yoga instructor and has an active presence on every popular social media site.

The style of Takeda Shizuka’s Instagram is sexy but cute. Along with lingerie and swimsuit photos, you will see plenty of pics of Takeda meeting her friends, having dinner, traveling the world, and shopping. In other words, she is leading a dream life and documents it all for Instagram.

Japan may be thousands of miles away from you, but you don’t need to know how to say sexy in Japanese to see some sexy Japanese women on your smartphone or computer. With this list of hot Japanese ladies on Instagram, you can admire all aspects of Japanese beauty without leaving your home!