10 Hot And Sexy Thai Women And Girls To Check Out Right Now

Sexy Thai girls are one of the reasons why single men from all over the world book a trip to Thailand. If that’s not an option right now but you still want to get your daily dose of Thai beauty, here are 10 hot Thai girls you can follow on Instagram.

Nontaporn Teerawatanasuk

  • Instagram username: @yae_uunws
  • Number of followers: 1.4 million
  • Occupation: Model, online boutique owner
  • Birthdate: April 20, 1987
  • Location: Thailand

Nontaporn Teerawatanasuk is one of the biggest internet celebrities in Thailand. She has a huge following on Instagram, but she’s also pretty active on YouTube and other social media channels. However, her Instagram gives her followers the best idea about Nontaporn’s daily life, and that is exactly why followers love her.

Her Instagram contains plenty of beautiful bikini shots and fashion photoshoots. Still, that’s not the only reason why you’ll enjoy it. Nontaporn also has a wonderful sense of humor that she shows off in her funny videos, loves food and isn’t afraid to let everyone know about it, and often hangs out with equally beautiful friends.


  • Instagram username: @gunggingnsk
  • Number of followers: 723k
  • Occupation: Model
  • Birthdate: Unknown
  • Location: Bangkok, Thailand

The girl who goes under the name of GungGingNs’k on Instagram among other hot Thai women has much more to offer to the world than her natural beauty. She’s a professional model with an impressive career that includes numerous collaborations with famous fashion brands. GungGingNs’k travels the world and enjoys life to the fullest.

Still, the one type of posts you probably want to see on her Instagram the most is probably bikini and lingerie pics, and there are plenty of those to enjoy. GungGingNs’k poses like a complete pro and each photo she uploads to her Instagram is carefully created to maintain her aesthetic and personal brand.

Jarunan Tavepanya

  • Instagram username: @dejarvu
  • Number of followers: 1.2 million
  • Occupation: Model
  • Birthdate: 1997
  • Location: Bangkok, Thailand

It’s not clear what Jarunan Tavepanya did before making it big as an internet celebrity, but Instagram was instrumental in her rise to fame. Jarunan wasn’t a professional model, although her Instagram definitely changed that and now she works with the most prestigious brands as a model and brand ambassador.

Jarunan Tavepanya’s Instagram is a pleasure to look at because of her beautiful pics, but it’s also a love letter to Thailand. She writes her captions exclusively in Thai, celebrates every national holiday, and often poses in traditional Thai outfits that look as fabulous on her as the cutting-edge styles she wears on a regular basis.

Suneta Ngachalvy

  • Instagram username: @d.donus
  • Number of followers: 360k
  • Occupation: Model and blogger
  • Birthdate: 1997
  • Location: Bangkok, Thailand

Suneta Ngachalvy is clearly one of these sexy Thai women, but one of the secrets of her success is that she’s actually half-Thai, half-Vietnamese. Her heritage gave her the unique appearance and cultural background, and now we are lucky to witness her beauty and charm every day on Instagram.

Suneta is a professional model and her Instagram photos mostly look professionally made and carefully curated. However, this hot Thai girl is also no stranger to humor and fun, which is why her Instagram feels very relatable. She eats on camera, performs viral TikTok dances, and generally appears to be much more approachable than many other sexy Thai ladies on Instagram.

May Kuza

  • Instagram username: @may_kuza
  • Number of followers: 92k
  • Occupation: Model
  • Birthdate: Unknown
  • Location: Bangkok, Thailand

If you love hot Thai ladies who don’t just look great, but also feel like a girl next door you might meet on the street, check out May Kuza on Instagram. She is undoubtedly a beautiful Thai girl, but she also looks and behaves like an ordinary young woman who goes out with friends, skates, enjoys new food, and travels.

At the same time, May’s Instagram will undoubtedly give you a lot of aesthetic pleasure. May often shares photos from her modelling gigs, as well as her photoshoots with Thailand’s finest photographers. When you follow May Kuza, you learn something new about her lifestyle every day, and that’s exactly why her Instagram following continues to grow.

Nichapa Jungsiripaiboon

  • Instagram username: @yaya_maxim2016
  • Number of followers: 73k
  • Occupation: Model
  • Birthdate: November 15, 1996
  • Location: Bangkok, Thailand

Before joining Instagram, Nichapa Jungsiripaiboon already had a respectable career as a model. She has won a number of prestigious beauty pageants and had a lot of fans in Thailand. However, her Instagram presence took her to a new level of popularity around the world. People see Nichapa as an epitome of Thai beauty, and they are surely not wrong.

In addition to Instagram, Nichapa Jungsiripaiboon is also a popular figure on YouTube. However, her Instagram probably gives us the biggest insight into the way she lives. There are photos from parties, shopping, dinners, and, of course, stunning photoshoots where she looks absolutely incredible.

Pornphan Rujiseth

  • Instagram username: @lynn_lynn007
  • Number of followers: 267k
  • Occupation: Model, blogger
  • Birthdate: March 10, 1989
  • Location: Bangkok, Thailand

Pornphan Rujiseth has had a pretty successful career before appearing on Instagram, but this platform allowed her to reach out to thousands of followers around the world. These days, 267k people check Pornphan’s Instagram every day for new uploads, and they are never disappointed by her sultry pics that show off her best features.

Pornphan collaborates with Thailand’s leading photographers to create flawless, fashionable photoshoots, but you will enjoy her candid pics and selfies just as much as you’ll enjoy her professional photos. She also showcases her daily life in Thailand, which can be very fascinating on its own.

Parvinee T.

  • Instagram username: @parlovetati
  • Number of followers: 2.2 million
  • Occupation: Actress and YouTuber
  • Birthdate: January 1
  • Location: Bangkok, Thailand

Parvinee is a successful model and actress in addition to being one of the most popular Instagram and YouTube bloggers among other sexy Thai women. She works all the time, but when she doesn’t, she is happy to hang out with her friends and document it for Instagram. That is why her feed is pretty fun and makes you feel like you know Parvinee well.

However, the reason why you’ll probably want to follow her in the first place is her love for bikini and lingerie photoshoots. Her body is fantastic and she is not afraid to show it to her 2.2 million followers.

Chotika Kuanpradit

  • Instagram username: @papoy.pp
  • Number of followers: 574k
  • Occupation: Model
  • Birthdate: Unknown
  • Location: Bangkok, Thailand

Chotika Kuanpradit rose to fame thanks to social media, especially Instagram. When people in Thailand and around the world first saw her curvy body, doll-like features, and trendy hairstyle, they immediately knew they had to follow her. This is how Chotika’s Instagram account grew to 574k followers and shows no signs of slowing down.

When first seeing Chotika on Instagram, you will definitely be attracted to her seductive pics from professional shoots. However, she doesn’t limit her Instagram presence to curated content only and there are frequent glimpses into her private life.

On Sripattha

  • Instagram username: @on.sripattha
  • Number of followers: 123k
  • Occupation: Model and designer
  • Birthdate: June 2, 1998
  • Location: Bangkok Thailand

You can often see hot Thai girls who look incredibly alluring but don’t have much else to offer to their followers, but this is not the situation with our next sexy Thai girl. On Sripattha is a Thai hot lady with multiple talents. You’ll follow her Instagram for her gorgeous pics, but you will stay for substance.

In addition to being a successful Instagram model and blogger with 123k followers, On Sripattha is also a fashion designer with her own clothing line and a talented artist, so there will always be new content for you to check out here.

Seeing sexy Thai girls can instantly cheer you up whenever you see them. That is why there is no point in denying yourself the pleasure of seeing hot Thai women on your Instagram feed every day. Get closer to the gorgeous Thai women online!