10 Hot And Sexy Ukrainian Women And Girls You Can Find Online

Ukraine is rightfully considered to be the country with the most beautiful women not just in Europe, but also around the world. Hot Ukrainian women are exciting to look at, and you will never grow tired of seeing them on your Instagram feed. Here are 10 sexy Ukrainian girls‘ accounts to follow right now.

Ilona Bukovska

  • Instagram username: @ladyvamp13
  • Number of followers: 208k
  • Occupation: Model, DJ, and tattoo artist
  • Birthdate: November 11, 1988
  • Location: Kyiv, Ukraine

If you like sexy Ukrainian girls and confident women with lots of tattoos and a straightforward attitude in addition to a pretty face, you can’t go wrong with Ilona Bukovska. Ilona is a tattoo master and DJ first and foremost, although she clearly also enjoys being an Instagram model and the object of male attention.

Ilona’s Instagram is equal parts edgy and seductive. This is not your typical Instagram girl with a cute aesthetic and a welcoming presence. Her photos are raunchy and often NSFW, but that’s exactly what followers love about her. You can also get a glimpse of her work life and her vacations.

Dasha Astafieva

  • Instagram username: @da_astafieva
  • Number of followers: 447k
  • Occupation: Singer, model, TV host
  • Birthdate: August 4, 1985
  • Location: Kyiv, Ukraine

Dasha Astafieva originally became famous as a model and Playboy playmate. She then transitioned into a very successful singing career that continues until nowadays. Dasha is also a popular TV personality and Instagram blogger with a huge online following.

Dasha’s Instagram is unexpectedly artistic. It’s not a typical hot Ukrainian girls’ Instagram. Along with bikini and evening wear photos, Dasha Astafieva often posts art, conceptualized photoshoots, and barefaced photos. Her Instagram presence feels very relatable, and after you follow her for a while, you won’t remember how you lived without her daily photos in your feed.

Kate Onyschenko

  • Instagram username: @kate_onyshchenko
  • Number of followers: 273k
  • Occupation: Model and influencer
  • Birthdate: April 22
  • Location: Miami, USA

Kate Onyschenko was born and raised in Ukraine but found her new permanent home in Miami, and it was probably for the best judging by how gorgeous Kate looks on Miami’s sunny beaches. Kate is mainly a hot Instagram model, but she has enough on her plate: she is a brand ambassador, a fashion expert, and a wife and mother, even though you could never tell it by looking at her gorgeous body.

Kate’s Instagram almost entirely consists of seductive swimsuit and fashion photos, but she can also get quite deep in her posts. Kate has also traveled to over 40 countries, so following her is also a chance to see the world through her beautiful eyes.

Dasha Ulyanova

  • Instagram username: @dasha_ulyanovaa
  • Number of followers: 308k
  • Occupation: Model, TV personality
  • Birthdate: June 21, 1996
  • Location: Kyiv, Ukraine

To her 308k Instagram followers, Dasha Ulyanova is best known as the winner of the latest season of the Ukrainian version of The Bachelor, a hit reality TV franchise. However, her relationship with the bachelor of that season didn’t work out, so Dasha is currently single, and her male followers are delighted to know that.

Still, thinking of Dasha as nothing but an Instagram model and a TV personality is a mistake. She’s actually a professional gymnast and coach. Dasha also loves to travel the world and get new food experiences, which is why her Instagram can be enlightening to those who want to see the world.

Alina Nekrasova

  • Instagram username: @missalina.3333
  • Number of followers: 40k
  • Occupation: Model, showroom owner
  • Birthdate: Unknown
  • Location: Kyiv, Ukraine

Alina Nekrasova may not have as many followers as many hot Ukrainian girls on our list yet, but she is surely catching up. As soon as more people find out about Alina’s flawless facial features, gorgeous body, and impeccable fashion sense, she will effortlessly compete with other sexy Ukrainian ladies for popularity and affection.

It’s pretty easy to guess that Alina is primarily an Instagram celebrity, but she is actually much more than that. Alina Nekrasova also runs her own showroom, models for her and other people’s fashion brands, and even helps other brands craft their image, so there are definitely brains behind the beauty.

Lisa Kovalenko

  • Instagram username: @lizakovalenkoo
  • Number of followers: 165k
  • Occupation: Model, artist
  • Birthdate: Unknown
  • Location: Around the world

Born and raised in Ukraine, Lisa Kovalenko seems to always be somewhere else. This hot Ukrainian woman clearly has a strong wanderlust, and she doesn’t want to confine her to one city or country. And it’s perfect for her 165k followers who get to see their favorite Instagram personality in a variety of different settings.

You will definitely enjoy Lisa’s bikini pics and gorgeous outfits she effortlessly elevates as a model. However, you should also know that Lisa Kovalenko is a talented artist. She puts her own spin on popular genres and styles, and after you follow Lisa for a while, you will look forward to her new art as much as for her swimsuit photoshoots.

Irina Evdokimova

  • Instagram username: @irina__evdokimova_
  • Number of followers: 152k
  • Occupation: Dancer and volleyball player
  • Birthdate: Unknown
  • Location: Kremenchuk, Ukraine

Irina Evdokimova looks like a typical Instagram model from a big city, but she is actually neither of those things. Irina resides in a small Ukrainian city called Kremenchuk, and she is not a model, although she is definitely a hot Ukrainian girl. Irina is a professional volleyball player and dancer, and both of her occupations are often featured on her Instagram.

Irina is much more relatable and approachable than most of the hot Ukrainian ladies we featured today. She actively communicates with her followers and always listens to the feedback. Irina is also rather open about her private life. So her Instagram feed does not just consist of curated studio photos, but also contains cute insights into the ways she spends her days.

Leonila Guz

  • Instagram username: @leonila.guz
  • Number of followers: 95k
  • Occupation: Model, pageant winner
  • Birthdate: April 25, 1999
  • Location: Kyiv, Ukraine

You can find plenty of sexy Ukrainian women on Instagram, but many of them achieved fame through their social media and don’t have a lot of actual model accomplishments under their belt. This is not what Leonila Guz is about. Leonila is a professional model, and she has won a number of prestigious beauty pageants in Ukraine and around the world.

Right now, Leonila seems to be focused on building her personal brand and increasing her number of followers. To achieve it, she regularly posts flawless pictures of herself. Leonila’s pics are never random and every single photo she uploads to Instagram is carefully curated. Her feed will give you a very satisfying experience even if it’s not your first time looking at it.

Viktoria Narbut

  • Instagram username: @viktoria_narbut
  • Number of followers: 32k
  • Occupation: Model
  • Birthdate: March 6
  • Location: Kyiv, Ukraine

Viktoria Narbut is one of those hot Ukrainian women who can look gorgeous without even trying. Most of her photos on Instagram feature minimal makeup and styling, but they still look very impressive and stay in your memory for a long time. And it’s not just thanks to Viktoria’s ethereal beauty, but also thanks to her love for traveling.

Viktoria lives in Kyiv, but she constantly seems on the go. Every month, she checks in using a new location, and you never know where life will take her next. That is why Viktoria’s Instagram can be aesthetically pleasing for two reasons: her fabulous look and her amazing photoshoot locations.

Elena Gorodechnaya

  • Instagram username: @elena_gorodechnaya
  • Number of followers: 352k
  • Occupation: Model, lingerie designer
  • Birthdate: November 25, 1990
  • Location: Kyiv, Ukraine

Elena Gorodechnaya looks exactly like the rest of the world imagines Ukrainian models. She’s fit but curvy, has natural dark blonde hair, and is gorgeous even with no makeup on. Elena lives in Kyiv, but you can often see her traveling to other Ukrainian cities and overseas, both on her own and with friends.

However, beauty and taste are not the only strong suits of Elena Gorodechnaya. She is also a talented fashion designer and has her own lingerie brand that is super popular in Ukraine. Elena often models her own creations to the delight of her followers, so it’s about time you joined them.

Sexy Ukrainian women are diverse and come from different walks of life. What unites them is their intelligence and talented personalities, as well as a sense of humor. Whichever hot Ukrainian girl you follow, you are guaranteed to enjoy your decision.