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Nowadays, all things Asian are very popular. Everything from cosmetics products to music bands and anime are super trendy. However, interest in everything Asian does not stop at that as women of this region are especially in high demand. Many girls fall under this category, but one of the most desired are Japanese brides.

A long time being an isolated island country helped Japan to have a unique cultural evolution. It is resulting in customs and traditions that you can not find anywhere else in the world. And now, Japan is known as a country that combines both traditional and modern views. All of that has a significant influence on local women, their mentality, and values, making them so interesting and desired by Western men. And today, we are going to explore why those ladies stole the heart of bachelors all over the world.

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Why do Japanese mail order brides want to marry Western men?

Why do Japanese girls date Western guys? What is so special about them that girls choose them over locals? International relationships usually raise many questions, as many people are just not used to it. However, people from different countries falling in love is not a new thing and is very common. As claimed by a demographic study by the Ministry of Health, Labor, and Welfare, 6,329 Japanese ladies married a husband from a foreign country in 2016.

When it comes to international relationships, Japanese men have a tendency to choose wives from the Asian region, marrying Chinese or Filipino brides. But local women are more varied in selecting their foreign husbands and tend to fall in love with Westerns from various countries. Especially Americans have a special place in their hearts. They are in second place in popularity after Korean husbands. But why are they so attracted to them? Here are only several factors:

  1. Western guys behave like gentlemen.
  2. Japanese ladies adore ambitions and the busy lifestyle of Western men.
  3. Western husbands are known for being supportive partners and caring about the welfare and happiness of the family.
  4. Some women in Japan may have a kid, which is usually not a problem for Western men.
  5. Westerns also tend to be more respectful and supportive partners, which allures Japanese mail order brides.

What makes Japanese brides so popular?

For thousands of men around the world, Japanese women are the embodiment of Asian beauty, and they would pay any price to witness it every day. Luckily, with Japanese mail order brides, there is no need to pay anyone, as you can not only meet Japanese brides without leaving your home, but also marry one of them completely legally. To marry an American man, a Japanese bride will need a K-1 visa for fiancées. 541 Japanese mail order brides got the K-1 visa in 2019 and 508 of them did the same in 2010, which means that the popularity of Japanese brides is slowly but steadily growing. Here are a few reasons to look out for them :

  • Perfect figures. Women’s appearance and a fit body are, for sure, important for every guy. And that is what Japanese girls definitely have. They are blessed with gorgeous oriental beauty and slim, feminine figures. Besides, Western women do not usually put so much effort into how they look. And that makes Japanese ladies stand out with their well-cared exotic appearance and the oriental look.
  • Forever-young girls. Japanese women for marriage seem to know the secret of eternal youth. Well, maybe not eternal, but women in Japan stay almost the same until old age. And guessing how old someone is may be quite tricky. Being forever-young is shown in the wrinkle-free face, youthful bodies, clothing choice, and life philosophy.
  • Sexy voice. Many men love the sweet, sexy, and beckoning voices of Japanese brides. And we can all agree that a pleasant voice is very important, as if it is not, it will drive you nuts over the years. Besides, at large, these ladies are very harmonious.
  • Speak good English. Education in the country has long been reorganized in favor of learning English. That is why the majority of younger women here know English at an excellent level. Besides, those girls are smart. Even if a Japanese girl for marriage is not fluent, she will be at no time. Especially with such great practice with you.
  • Masters of multitasking. A Japanese woman for marriage can mesmerize anyone with her talent for acting like Julius Caesar. She knows how to do both home and work things at the same time. Gorgeous women of Japan combine being good wives and loving mothers, without forgetting about taking time to care for their appearance and working out.

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International relationship with Japanese bride: why is it worth trying?

Loneliness is a huge problem in modern society. In the time when we seem to have so many ways to connect, a lot of people struggle to find friends and loved ones. When people are tired of being single, they look for different ways out. Looking for a relationship with the Japanese is a great option. There are many pros to it, and the prominent include:

  1. Exploring new culture. International couples learn a lot about each other’s culture and traditions. It helps to create a new mix of unique family traditions and only enrich each other’s worlds.
  2. Becoming more tolerant and open-minded. International couples usually learn to accept each other as they are and explore the previously unfamiliar world.
  3. Better DNA of future kids. A positive feature of such relationships is also the fact that genetic diseases are lessened in interracial couples. As another gene appears in the child’s DNA, it eliminates or weakens disease risks. Also, the mixing of blood has a beneficial effect on the appearance of children, however, beauty is entirely subjective. Some of the most beautiful people in the world have parents of different nationalities and races.

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Where to find a Japanese wife?

In international dating, you always have a major choice to make — use online dating or visit the country itself. Most men prefer the first option as it is much easier and doesn’t require going out anywhere. The variety of modern dating sites make communication very comfortable and easy. They offer all the necessary tools and services to build a healthy and happy relationship with a stunning Japanese mail order bride. Besides, having no experience with it should not stop you as they are, as a rule, very intuitive and similar to IRL communication. But the biggest benefit of online dating is that you are not only connecting immediately, but you are also choosing from the pool of Japanese girls for marriage who are already open to communication and interested in building a serious relationship.

The Japanese mail order brides you can meet online are very diverse and come from all walks of life. Most of the brides you meet are young women who were never married, but there are also some Japanese brides who were married before and have kids from previous relationships. There are not many of them, probably because childbirth is a very serious step for Japanese women, and they prefer to do it in committed relationships. Only up to 5% of Japanese mail order brides already have kids who move with them to the US.

Character advantages of Japanese ladies

  1. They are super attractive.
  2. Japanese women are up for serious relationships.
  3. They are loyal & devoted.
  4. Ladies from Japan are respectful & caring.
  5. They know how to enjoy life.

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Dating advice: pro tips on dating a Japanese girl

Each nation has its own unique attributes and peculiarities. Japanese culture is not an exception. Its traditions are extraordinary, and they have a great influence on dating life. Exploring all cultural ins and outs is essential for building a better connection with your Japanese bride and understanding her mentality.

Peculiarities of dating a Japanese mail order bride

So, if you are considering trying your love luck in Japan, or if you are simply intrigued by what is different about Japanese dating, here are some main cultural peculiarities you should know.

  • Women in Japan are usually encouraged to marry before thirty. In their culture, it is common to get married sooner rather than later. That’s why you should note that many Japanese ladies likely expect their boyfriends to take things quite seriously. And when you compare them to American girls dating, relationships with Japanese girls tend to progress quicker.
  • Christmas is quite a romantic holiday. Yes, you read it right. Christmas is more romantic than a religious holiday, as Christians only make up about 2% of their population. The holiday is more of a novelty and a good reason to have a romantic date night. It is very similar to Valentine’s Day when couples go out for dinners in fancy restaurants and give romantic presents.
  • Men are usually expected to take the first step. Such a trait is very common to countries where people believe in the traditional division of gender roles in a family. Japanese girls prefer their partner to take the lead and be the main decision-maker. So, if you find someone special you like, don’t be afraid to make the first move. Girls in Japan will only appreciate your courage.

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Dos & don’ts when dating a Japanese girl

What can and cannot be done when dating a Japanese woman? Let’s figure it out.

  • Surprise your Japanese girlfriend. These women love unexpected displays of love. You can surprise her with a bouquet or something else she likes to make her feel that you think about her. Such attention helps not to feel the distance and show love.
  • Compliment her. Ladies in Japan pay a lot of attention to the way they look, so try to always note how beautiful she is. However, do not give compliments to her exotic look. As a rule, compliments about “exotic eyes” or skin color are perceived rude.
  • Show that you can be a leader. It is a stereotype that Japanese wives are very submissive, but they indeed believe that man should be a head of the family. And in a relationship, a boyfriend is also expected to be a leader and take the first steps. That is why don’t be shy to ‘rule’ in the relationship and show your confidence.
  • Win her parents over. Making a good impression on the parents of your Japanese mail order bride is an essential thing. If they don’t like you, then chances are super high that she won’t stay with you. It is a part of Japanese culture to value the parents’ opinion.
  • Be respectful. Treat your Japanese lady as a gentleman and be very respectful to her culture, traditions, beliefs. Only by being polite and caring, you can win the heart of the Japanese wife you like.
  • Forget about dirty talks. On some stages of online relationships, such a thing may be okay. But it is usually not a thing for Japanese girls. Dirty talk is very risky territory, and you should better avoid it. Done in a wrong time, you may just be considered vulgar or weird and spoil all the good impression that you made.

Final thoughts on Japanese brides

Japanese culture and tradition represent a fusion of old-world culture with newer Western practices, leaving its traces in the unique mentality on Japanese brides. They are very beautiful, quite traditional, and have everything that it takes to be perfect wives. If you already fell in love with the idea of having such beauty by your side, there are a lot of dating websites that can help you meet your destiny. Remember that respecting your girl, getting to know her culture, and being patient will take you a long way.