JollyRomance Review

 JollyRomance Review
  • Modern resource
  • Secured network
  • Reliable customer support
  • Quick matches

JollyRomance Overview

JollyRomance site is a top global dating resource. The sole aim of the site is to assist males across nations in getting their ideal match. For this purpose, males are presented with a plethora of Slavic females. Participants have identified it as the domain of the highest quality to meet breath-taking females from Russia and Ukraine. Every individual here is in pursuit of a definite and mature relationship. If you are in quest for the perfect girlfriend, then no other platform is as suited as this one. You can find her and connect instantly.

jollyromance registraton

Jolly Romance is considered as a well-equipped solution to help you get over your single life. International males can easily access their accounts on JollyRomance dating website. Girls available here are understanding, affectionate, caring, and passionate. The deal is just striking to be true. These ladies are irresistible and personify beauty. It is nothing less than a fantasy come true for all single males out there. Here’s a detailed JollyRomance website review that’ll give you information about all the perks and functions of the site. This will help you understand and use the network better. With this information at your fingertips, you can be assured that you’ll soon meet your lady love!

  • Rating – 9.5
  • Ease of use – 9.7
  • Customer service – 9
  • Number of members – 9
  • Quality of user portfolios – 9.7
  • Safety & anti-scam – 9
  • Value for money – 9

First impression

The first impression of Jolly Romance is quite great. The homepage has enough information to give you an idea of what the network is about. It’s very easy to use. Thus, no new participant faces any problem. If you haven’t registered already, then the registration option appears right at the top of the network. Inevitably, it’s the very first thing to notice.

Moreover, you’ll be able to see several images of stunning females in different poses. These are images of actual members on the resource. It gives you an idea of what to expect after registration. The network has a subtle background that evokes a strong feeling of calm, love, and chemistry. A user-friendly interface and legible font make it the perfect place to find girls. It can easily be inferred that JollyRomance dating site is worth a try! Millions of potential singles register every day.

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Setting up your portfolio on JollyRomance doesn’t eat into your hectic schedule. Participants who are here for the first time can create their new account in a few moments. Assuring you complete safety of your data, you don’t need to enter anything personal such as your photos or card details. It’s indeed simple because you have to submit basic details. After this, you are taken to a small test where you have to answer questions on your personality. The goal here is to provide ample information to the algorithms so that you are shown possible matches. Though it’s not mandatory to post pictures, you are recommended to do so. Your photograph is the first thing that females would see. It’ll attract them to you. The basic details that you need to furnish are:

  • Gender and preference
  • Name
  • Date of birth
  • Email
  • Password
jollyromance profile

Verifying your account is no hassle. You can start using all functions as soon as you complete your registration. There is a very reduced chance of any scammer using an account on this dating network. The authorities keep track of all that is happening online. Since the process doesn’t consume time, it’s commendable how the resource has succeeded in getting so many people on board.

Search and filter

Searching and sorting ladies on the JollyRomance website is not a challenge at all. There are plenty of filtering options that single males can use. As stated earlier, most of the work is done by computer algorithms. They guide you to another page that has females with their details. These single females are from Slavic nations, and there is a high chance that their personality matches yours. But there’s no compulsion for you to pick one of them.

You can apply filters on your own and explore. Each time you apply a new filter manually, you get new options. Since singles keep joining the resource, you have the opportunity to explore as much as you want. It’s recommended that you keep trying your luck until you meet the female of your dreams. Some basic filter criteria are:

  • Age range
  • Religion
  • Physical details
  • Smoking and drinking habits
  • Marital status and children

There are many other filters that you can apply. It is also recommended that you try some filters which are opposite to your general choice. You never know when you may spot someone cute. Once you see them, you have to think of the next step. The next step is effective interaction.

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Effective interaction is the key to establishing a romantic relationship. After the filtering process, you have to start talking to your love interest. There are many interaction aids on JollyRomance website. After you’ve gone through the filtering process, you’re bound to spot someone that you like. Every interaction aid is a paid service. There are many facilities that you can explore.

To start, instant messaging is the simplest and most used method. When you start talking to your international girlfriend, you can discuss topics such as her country, her culture, her family, her work, and any other topic that will help you know her better. When you ask these questions, she’ll feel that she is important to you. Other methods of interaction are sharing personal photos and videos, and sending virtual flowers and gifts. Females adore surprises!

jollyromance presents

Free version

There is a lot that you can do using the free version of JollyRomance. You can register without any payment. This helps you to check how the network works. Then, you can chase hot females. The options guide you about the variety of females available. The filters available on the site helps you to search a little more. But interaction aids need online payment. Thus, the free services are:

  • Registration
  • Searching
  • Filter
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Making a close examination of Jolly Romance dating website allows concluding that you can buy a premium membership. Only then you can use all the services of the network. There are different plans to choose from. But the basic plan is the most commonly used. When you buy a premium membership, you get credits. These credits can be used for a number of aids such as:

  • Sending messages and emails
  • Writing letters
  • Text chatting
  • Sharing personal photos and videos
  • Asking for a date
  • Asking for contact details
  • Sending virtual gifts and flowers


There are many packages to choose from. As you start using the resource, you’ll get acquainted with them. Initially, you should be aware of the basic premium membership package. That is:

  • Basic premium membership for $9.99

You should opt for premium membership as soon as you are done with the signing up process. Without this, you’ll not be able to contact any lady. It’s imperative to interact so that you understand what your lady expects from you.

Pros and cons of paid subscription


  • Send virtual gifts and flowers
  • Demand a date
  • Explore more females


  • No incognito mode

Scam and safety

Scam and safety is a top concern. Meantime, it doesn’t come in your way when you are using JollyRomance. The team gives the utmost importance to your security. Thus, you don’t need to provide any valuable details about yourself, such as your address or national ID number. You can use any pseudo-name online.

The translation services of the resource do not leak your conversations to any third party. In fact, your card details are absolutely safe as well. This means that you can engage in as many transactions as you want. All data is secure. To protect you from the clutches of frauds, the team closely keeps track of accounts on the network. The customer support team is active all day, all night!

Customer support

The customer support team of JollyRomance website can be contacted 24*7. You can get in touch over mail at The experienced team is always active. The ‘contact us’ section on the webpage has all the necessary details.

Final verdict

The final verdict on JollyRomance reviews is that it has plenty of paid and free aids. It is quite cheap when compared to other networks. The customer support team is always active, and you can get in touch very quickly.

After analyzing all the aids of the network in this JollyRomance review, it can be concluded that you should surely give it a try!

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the free facilities on JollyRomance?

Free facilities include signing up, searching, and filtering. You need to pay communication services.

How can I interact non JollyRomance?

You have to purchase credits to use the aids of interaction.

How much does the premium membership cost on JollyRomance?

The Basic Premium Membership on JollyRomance is for $9.99. With it, you will be able to contact women and start serious relations.

Are there translation services on JollyRomance?

Yes, you can easily use translation services. It is absolutely safe. Your conversations are not leaked to any third party.

How to contact the JollyRomance support team?

The customer care can be contacted at any time.

Who are the females on JollyRomance?

The ladies on JollyRomance are from Russia and Ukraine.

Can I send gifts and flowers?

Yes, you can send virtual gifts and flowers to the girl you like the most.

Is JollyRomance safe?

Yes, the customer support team is active 24*7. You can contact them in case of any issue.