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If you know anything about foreign mail order brides, then we probably don’t need to explain that they can be very diverse. Overseas mail order brides are usually rather exotic and distinctively foreign. However, there is a special type of foreign brides known as Slavic mail order brides who have familiar features but a completely different mindset. Russian mail order brides are probably the most famous ones of Slavic women for marriage. There are hundreds of Russian brides legally entering the US to marry American men every year. 778 of them did it in 2010, and in 2019, that number grew to 815. We have no doubts that it will grow even more in the next decade.

In case you are keen on females of this country, it will be useful to know some nuances about character of Russian mail order bride, cultural background, and habits. To understand the peculiarities of your charming lady better and get the keys to engage her, read our objective description from top to the very bottom.

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The natural appearance of Russian brides for marriage will steal your heart

The impressive elegance of Russian females makes them one of the most desirable partners to pop the question and create a strong family. When you arrive in this country, you will see a lot of ladies with slim figures, big eyes, long legs, and thin waist. You will be fascinated by a lush, fresh-lipped blond, and skin glowing gold. Straight or curly long hair will float in the air and gain your attention.

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Beautiful Russian brides have also astonishing sense of style

Russian wife can not only raise their kids and maintain the household, but also be a 21st-century big fashionista. Due to the amazing fashion sense, she will look gorgeous when you invite you to a cafe, theater, or respectable event. No doubt, you’ll be the most enchanting and interesting couple at any party!

There exists a stereotype that these ladies always wear fur coats and high heels. Even in case they go to the supermarket. It is not true. Nowadays they dress for each event properly, so you’ll not look silly with such a woman.

No doubt, your perfect match will be looking her best when she is accompanying an essential communicative role with you.In case you are going to an everyday meeting, your special lady will choose something comfortable but absolutely fashionable. When Russian mail order wives is out in public, she dresses in an exquisite manner. She frequently prefers being in high heels despite the rain or even snow.

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Attractive and sexy figure of the Russian bride

The extensive number of Russian brides for marriage has the shape of an hourglass that will catch your imagination. They like to emphasise a narrow waist and wide hips with a tight dress and a pair of heels. You will be absolutely charmed by a low neckline on the dress which they prefer to wear on dates. Unlike women from other countries, mail order brides from Russia are not afraid of looking feminine and sexy.

The shape of an hourglass is supposed to be an ideal type of female’s figure. The hips and shoulders are equal in width and, thanks to this, the lower and upper parts of the body look proportionate. Narrow waist makes her image like a fairy princess that waits for her ideal prince. And this prince is yous! So, don’t waste your time and go ahead!

This type of figure you can notice in such a famous public person as Sophia Loren, Monica Bellucci, Marilyn Monroe, and Scarlett Johansson. Agree, their shapes are perfect, and they are so captivating! Be sure, your future wife from Russia will have the same attractive features.

Extremely well-kept manners

As you know, Slavic girls have not only received astonishing genetics, but they also understand and able to make their physical traits even more attractive. Since an active lifestyle is very popular today, many of them go to the gym. So you have the possibility to appreciate her fit and sexy body. They are very fond of caring for their appearance. Bear in mind that she will spend part of her free time in the salon to do manicure, hair cut, or massage. You want a pretty and tidy girl, don’t you?

It’s necessary to mention, that a Russian girls for marriage uses makeup skillfully. You will notice her long eyelashes, rosy cheeks, and plump painted lips. Moreover, she rarely goes overboard without makeup on a date or to work as well as many European females can do.

pretty russian woman on bed

Great features you can find in mentality of Russian bride

Russian females belong to the top of the most demanded and desired fiancées on over the world not only thanks to their physical attributes. Their loyal character belongs to the common feature of Slavic brides. There exist a lot of stories in history, in which such wife followed her husband wherever he went, and this is still actual nowadays. Be sure, she will take you in good and bad times, and she will not leave you when you will face some difficulties like a great number of females would do.

Real Russian brides are superstitious

Bear in mind that ladies from Russia have a lot of superstitions that have obtained a traditional character. For example, “knock on wood” that is known and used in different countries. Don’t be surprised when your beloved will sit down inside your flat before leaving for a trip; or she will spit three times over their shoulders after they knock on wood. They don’t really suppose these actions have an effect, but they used to do it anyway.

You should accept her habit of bringing flowers for the grave of the dead, not sitting at a table corner or on ​the cold ground, and not whistling indoors.

Not only beautiful, but also well-educated and intelligent

Your beloved foreign lady will impress you not only with her natural beauty, but also a flexible mind. Higher education is in demand in their country; thus, a lot of young girls graduate from universities and have a Master’s degree. It is some sort of obligation in a modern country.

cute russian bride on balcony

Therefore, your future wife is likely to be willing to work. They are good teachers, doctors, economists, actresses, and instructors. They can devote a lot of time to work and succeed. But it is not a reason for thinking that the career will be more important for her than household duties. Remember, a happy family life is her highest priority.

Family if the most valuable for Russian women

Being a Russian mail order bride is a popular idea among young Russian girls who want to get married but were never married before and don’t have children. At the same time, you can find plenty of Russian brides who have some marriage history and even children from previous relationships. Approximately 18% of Russian mail order brides move to the United States with their kids. Depending on what you want your future family to look like, you have plenty of options to choose from.

In case you have a soft spot for Russian beauties, you should know that they are a perfect variant for both passionate relationships and responsible family life. Having such a wife is an excellent chance to create a friendly family full of polite and happy children.

She will devote a significant part of her life to the carrying and upbringing of your kids. Russians are ideal mothers and friends to their children. A lot of them have a desire to get acquainted with serious foreign men who will present them a boundless love and the opportunity to live in abundance. They make every effort to create a happy family and can even put aside their work until their children reach school age. Be ready that your wife will refuse the nanny’s servants because she considers the child upbringing to be her own duty. That is why they are completely devoted to their kids and home.

Inherited family traditions

The idea of love for the family and kids originates from the childhood of your foreigner cutie. Every little girl in this country plays mother-and-daughter games in the yard and imagines a peaceful family with smart and lovely babies. Love for children is inherited from their mothers, and that’s great! Of course, your potential wife will not tell you about marriage and children on your first date, but remember, it’s always in her dreams. So, if you are eager to search for your love and make an international family, a Russian mail bride is an ideal choice for you.

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Man’s status in a family with a Russian bride

You should remember one more thing about family customs in her homeland. All girls from this powerful country are raised with the understanding that man is the head of the family. They have a classic hierarchy of a family, so you will not face the problem of family leadership.

When we speak about a single Russian women who often seems as strong and independent, be sure, it’s just a cover. Under it, you will see a tender and sensual woman who wants love. Sometimes it looks like a special game in which you try to melt her heart, but she already knows the right answer. Be sure, almost every lady dream about wedding bells, white dress, and wedding rings.

Your beloved will appreciate your patience and care! Imagine her wide and charming smile… This is a real womanhood that is so alluring!

Russian mail order wife is a skilled chef

You would be happy to know that Russian wifes are great cooks that may surprise you with some delicious traditional dishes or specialties. The loving woman and a hot dinner will be waiting for you every evening after a stressful and busy working day. Instead of sandwiches from the store, she will give you a set home lunch when are on the way to your work. There will be no need to go to the restaurant on the regular basis anymore. Besides, this habit will save your money substantially.

russian brides

We are ready to mention several national dishes that can be proposed to taste by your foreign beautie:


This dish consists of a beetroot and beef soup with vegetables and seasonings. As usual, it serves with a sour cream that balances out the sweetness. You will like this one immensely!

Solyanka soup

You can taste the soup made from chunks of beef or pork. This dish is added with garlic, tomatoes, peppers, and carrots. In case you get a wife from Russia, you will discover such a hearty and home-like meal.


Your potential soulmate can suggest you to taste Golubtsy. It’s minced beef wrapped in cabbage and boiled. Cookes like to add some sour cream on top, which really brings out the flavors. While testing this meal, you can appreciate it or not, but there is no middle path.

Bliny (also known as pancakes)

Another interesting thing in Russian cuisine is Bliny. They look like thin pancakes usually topped with savory or sweet toppings such as minced beef, caviar, or apples. This is an excellent variant for breakfast in the morning with a cup of aromatic tea.

Okroshka soup

It’s hard to imagine the Russian dinner table without Okroshka soup. It is cooled main dish that is based on buttermilk, potatoes, and onions. Also, it is usually decorated with dill. This dish with a simple recipe is incredibly delicious. You must taste it at least once in a lifetime.


Find a Russian wife is not a careless task. It requires you to be responsible and open-minded. Making the choice of a partner for the whole life is not an easy thing, especially for women. To steal her heart, you need to build a conversation by considering her national culture and habits. She will appreciate your care, good manners, compliments, and unexpected cute gifts certainly.

So read how to get a Russian bride and she will make your future colourful and full of sense.