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Thai brides are the perfect combination of exotic and familiar features. They are well-familiar with Western culture, but they also maintain their cultural origins and are very proud of their background. Those features, along with the strong family values and beauty of Thai brides, made them some of the most coveted women on the planet. Every year, hundreds of Thai women move permanently to the United States to marry American men and get K-1 fiancée visas. In 2010, there were 765 of those Thai brides, and in 2019, their number grew to 855. This is completely unsurprising, considering how many advantages Thai mail order brides have and how irresistible they are.

Today we are going to explore the cultural peculiarities of Thai singles and learn what makes them so desired. Continue reading to find out what is so special about those beauties and decide whether Thai wife is what you are missing from your life. Besides, we will reveal the top 3 best ways to meet Thai mail order brides, so stay tuned!

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What to expect from Thai mail order brides?

If you have no previous experience with the mail order bride industry, it is only natural that you may be wondering who Thai mail order brides are. Those gorgeous women are local ladies who use international dating platforms and want to find love abroad. Thai singles are open to communication and are interested in building a serious relationship with a loved man. However, if you are up to in friendly communication or flirting, you can find a Thai beauty for that too.

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The portrait of a typical Thai bride

Thai girls for marriage are undoubtedly gorgeous. Pretty facial features, clear caramel skin, petite fit but curvy bodies can make any men go crazy. Those women commonly have long dark locks, expressive eyes, and charming smiles that are just irresistible. Besides, ladies in Thailand are incredibly conscious of themselves and what they wear. They always take good care of their beauty and looks. But the physical appearance is not the only thing that makes them gorgeous. The way they behave and treat others is a perfect complement to their stunning beauty.

5 traits that make Thai ladies the best for marriage

The reason why Thai girls have become widely popular over the last couple of years is that people are slowly getting rid of stereotypical thoughts and prejudiced attitudes toward mail order brides. Here are five reasons why Western men choose to marry a pretty Thai wife:

  1. Exotic natural beauty. We’ve already touched upon the stunning appearance of those ladies. But it is also worth mentioning that Thailand women don’t need any enhancements or even makeup, as their natural look is incredibly attractive.
  2. Passionate character. Those ladies know how to enjoy life and are not afraid to show their emotions. If you date a Thai girl, she will shower you with love and affection that you have never seen before. However, they prefer to show their passion in private, as PDA is not typical and is usually judged in their country.
  3. Always smiling. Thailand is truly the Land of Smiles. Gorgeous Thai women always seem to be smiling and having fun. They try to enjoy their life to the fullest and don’t take everything too seriously.
  4. Nurturing nature. Women in Thailand have an influential role in a family, providing well-being and a positive atmosphere. There is a Thai tradition of how to define a kulasatrii (virtuous woman). To be called so, girls must be as proficient and sophisticated in all household duties, and the majority of Thai ladies strive for that.
  5. Supportive partner. Thai wives know the secret to man’s heart — support and motivation. Usually, they support their partner and try to encourage him to achieve all his goals. If you marry a Thai girl, you’ll have a loyal wife who will be a true friend and lover.

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Why are women in Thailand becoming mail order brides?

We don’t want to stereotype all Thai women as the reasoning for each girl may be different. But there are a few factors that are common to the majority, and here they are:

  • Disproportionate demographics
  • Social pressure to marry in early age
  • Thai women find Western men really attractive
  • Love for Western mentality
  • A desire for a better future for themselves and future kids

Marrying American men is a very popular idea among young Thai girls who have never been married and don’t have children but are ready to have them in the near future. However, there are also numerous Thai mail order brides who are divorced or widowed and have children from those marriages. Around 15% of Thai brides who move to the United States have one or more children, so if you want a complete family from the get-go, there are plenty of Thai mail order brides with kids for you to meet.

Explore the culture of Thai brides

The culture of Thailand is unique, and it is something that you should learn and explore before committing to a relationship with a stunning Thai girl for marriage. Here are some interesting facts about Thailand culture and people:

  • There is a popular saying that Thai people live by their stomachs. Thai wives are real chefs, and they enjoy preparing food for their families. Delicious home-made food typically includes a blend of spicy, mild, sweet, and sour flavor.
  • Negative emotions or arguments are not dealt with in public. If there is an issue, your girl will never say it while there are other people around. But don’t think that she’ll forget. She will discuss everything that touched her but in private. Such behavior is a cultural norm, as usually women here don’t like to confront anyone.
  • PDA is off-limits. There are many stereotypes that Thai women are available or that they like to be very sexual. But that is only a myth. Real women in Thailand take relationships very seriously, and PDA is a big no-no. They pay attention to what others think of them and don’t want to have a bad reputation.

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What is Thailand dating like?

Almost all countries in the world have some peculiarities when it comes to dating. That is because there are cultural, social, and religious influences that create a unique mentality of people. Thailand is not an exception. Dating there has a lot in common with Western countries, but there are some nuances that we want to cover.

Building a relationship

There are no particular norms of who Thailand women have to date. Everything depends on personal preference as people do not discriminate for race, nationality, and so on. Recently there is a trend of online dating, where people look for suitable partners online. Online dating provides a chance to meet a special someone in the local area or meet a foreign partner.

Attitude to marriage

The choice of a spouse is primarily left up to the persons marrying, with the minimal direct involvement of immediate kin in this. The only peculiarity is that people mainly wait to marry until they are financially well enough.

Family in Thailand

Family life is structured around the female members, but the senior male has ultimate decision-making authority. Within the family, men and women tended to have different roles and responsibilities. But the Western world has its influence on the separation of duties, and younger families are more inclined to follow Western tendencies.

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Where to meet Thai mail order brides?

Choosing the right way to look for a Thai bride is key to your comfort and successful outcome. There are three main options available:

  1. Visiting Thailand. It’s the most obvious way to meet a partner from another country. Traveling to this exotic land can be exciting, and if you have the means to do so, it can be one in a lifetime experience. But you should understand that looking for a partner in a foreign country without any help leaves you relying only on chance and your luck. We don’t say it is impossible to meet a hot date, but it’s more challenging when you don’t know the language, and you’re not familiar with the environment.
  2. International online dating. This is the most popular choice for dating in 2020. It is easy, effective, and available for any budget. In particular, international dating is very widely-used as it gives the widest choice of stunning women from any corner of the world. A huge benefit of them is that such websites gather singles who are open and ready for international relationships.
  3. Joining specialized dating websites. It is also a form of meeting a partner online. The only difference is that those sites have a region or nationality-specific approach. They are very effective and are one of the best ways to meet Thai women. Specialized sites are perfect for any man who is specifically attracted to Thai women for marriage. Also, they give a wide choice of standing ladies, but they belong to one ethnicity. Such websites are trendy and provide an excellent opportunity to find a girl who meets your desires.

How to choose a reliable international dating website?

Choosing a trustworthy platform is vital for a positive and safe experience. Explore your options, read it out, and check whether the site you choose has everything you need. Here are some main factors that are worth considering before committing to any dating site or app:

  • Number & quality of women profiles
  • Security & privacy level
  • Response rate of customer service
  • Usability and user-friendliness of the site
  • Price ranges to fit your budget

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How much does a beautiful Thai mail order bride cost?

Like any professional service, online dating sites are not free. The total cost of Thai brides will depend on the site’s popularity and the quality of its services. Most of the niche websites have similar price ranges. Their fee-based system allows members to pay only for the services that are actually used. Also, some services and features may be provided for free.

Besides, you can usually buy a VIP membership that allows you to use the site to the fullest, but it will also cost you some. To sum up, the cost will depend on the platform and the number of services you decide to use. But it is also worth mentioning that if we compare online with IRL dating, online communication with a Thai woman for marriage may be actually much cheaper. However, don’t forget that travel expenses are usually the biggest ones with international dating, so plan ahead!

The bottom line

Thailand is definitely a great bride destination if you look for a serious relationship and want to build a family with a gorgeous woman. Those ladies are one of a kind. They are easy-going, fun, kind, and can make anyone smile. With such an amazing lady by your side, you can be a really happy man and father. So, don’t waste your chance to meet your future partner and connect with Thai beauties now!