What Is A Mail Order Bride And How Does International Dating Work?

 What Is A Mail Order Bride And How Does International Dating Work?

Did you know that 96% of Americans believe in love and consider it to be the only reason to get married to someone? Some may argue that is not so important to society. Okay, and what if we say that almost half of Americans are unmarried, and almost 30% of them remain single? These numbers are huge, and considering this, the growing popularity of mail order brides does not seem so surprising anymore.

Paradoxically, despite the popularity, the true meaning of this term still remains a mystery to a lot of people. What are mail order brides? Where do mail order brides come from? There are some interesting facts and figures that can help one understand what kind of phenomenon it really is.

What does mail order bride mean?

Before we start to talk about modern mail order brides, let us pay attention to some historical events. Of course, there is a reason why we do it – these are not just facts, these are the things that can help one understand the nature of this phenomenon.

  • The first mention of “catalog brides” or “mail order bride” dates back to the early settlers of North America.
  • Men who settled the far regions faced an unexpected problem – they had most things they needed, except for wives.
  • At first, “cooperation” took place inside the country, but this phenomenon became international.
  • Then it entered the phase of “catalog trade”, and yes, these were purely business relations. Women did not seek love, they sought financial stability.
  • At that time of catalogs, Asian women were the “rock stars” in the industry, and now they have to compete with Latin and Slavic girls.
  • In the 90s, the industry shifted from using a magazine, catalog format to operating over the web.

The shift from paper format was the revolution. Since that time, the industry has been changing. Let us be honest, this was the long process, but mail order brides finally went from women looking for money to girls looking for a suitable match. Currently, the only place where you can meet such a girl is the web, and in most cases, marriage is her primary goal.

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How does a mail order bride system work?

How do mail order brides work? Everything is quite simple. A girl who wants to get married finds the international dating agency/site/platform, joins it, makes or uploads her photos, provides the information about herself, and notes what qualities she is looking for in a man. A man does the same. The only difference is that a man pays for the opportunity to communicate with ladies – considering that these women come from quite poor countries, so this seems fair.

Men and women talk, meet a lot of candidates, receive the list of matches, choose some of them, get closer to them, build relationships, meet each other, and sometimes, get married. Simply put, this is like a long-distance relationship with someone you meet on the web.

Most important facts about mail order brides: questions & answers

People do not stop asking questions about these ladies, and we are glad to answer them.

  1. What’s a mail order bride in the modern world? How can one define mail order bride? Currently, a regular bride is a woman participating in the exchange process between a man and a woman who are now afforded a global opportunity to meet over the worldwide web, via the assistance of an IT-enabled matchmaking agency. Simply put, this is a woman who is looking for a good match on a niche dating site.
  2. Where do mail order brides come from? They are typically from the developing world (e.g., Philippines, Colombia, Belarus) and often come from less privileged backgrounds.
  3. What about mail order bride statistics? How many men in the USA marry these women? About 17,000 marriages with mail order brides take place in America annually. About 43% of all interethnic/interracial couples are non-Hispanic spouses married to partners from Latin countries or the Caribbean.
  4. Why does the term ‘cost of brides’ is still used? It refers to the total amount you spend on the services provided by international marriage broker agencies, dating sites, platforms, etc.
  5. Why do women become mail order brides? There are plenty of reasons, actually, and they are not always of a socio-economic nature. In most of these countries, there is a large gap between the number of men and female populations, and lots of these women are running from disrespect/domestic violence/abuse, etc.
  6. Are they legal? Yes, they are legal. However, if you cooperate with the company which is the international marriage broker agency, it must ask you to provide a certificate of the criminal record and notify women you communicate about them if you have ever committed a crime or were charge of domestic violence.

Now you know how this industry works. Has your opinion about women for marriage changed?

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Final thoughts

Mail order bride meaning is still a mystery to most people. People wonder why women are leaving their homes to meet and marry a stranger, why men trust wives who obviously want their money, and so on. However, this phenomenon is much more complicated. We used to think that things are simple and that people always have clear motivation to do something, but in this case, this approach just does not work.

Generally speaking, women sign up for niche sites for one reason – they are in hopes of finding someone really suitable. A range of circumstances, including personal and social ones, makes them think that they can meet a suitable partner abroad. Some of them succeed, and some don’t, just like men who marry foreign ladies. Nevertheless, we should not ignore the fact that a real human need in love exists, both among men who sign up to be clients and the women who sign up to be selected as brides.